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Full-automatic Roll-Roll Continuous Free Adhesive Tape Die Cutter

MQ-320 Full-automatic Roll-Roll Continuous Free Adhesive Tape Die Cutter
This machine die cuts through flat pressing and high precision unit while shifting materials and slitting are controlled through servomotor. The printing abel’s two-faced and Lengthways the color marks from three optics electric eyec to have exquisite tracking to locate, die cut, collect the discarded waste,slit or auto label in one processing.It is very applicable to die cut free paper adhesive tape,Dacron film trademark and laser anti-false trademark.It is an ideal equipment for soft printing machine, continuous thread printing machine, intaglio printing machine and anti-false trademark die press machine and is also the most efficient equipment for whole wheel rotation quick roll trademark printing machine. It is also applicable to die cutting to form for the Electronic and adhesive tape sectors.

Note : The function can be expanded --
1. Die membrane trademark stickers.
2. Delay Reel Stamping Die
3. Stamping Die laser hologram

Main Technical Variable:

Type :
Die speed :
20-180Meeting /Pm
Roll diameter :
Web maximum width :
Die maximum width :
Die maximum length :
Positioning accuracy :
Total power :
Supply Voltage :
Weight machines :
The dimension :
2.8(Long )×0.95(Kuan )×1.4(High )(m)





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