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Classification of three-dimensional bag making machine and function
Three-dimensional bag making machine using ultrasonic welding, with a needle-free, eliminating the trouble of frequent needle exchange, no traditional suture line connector is disconnected, but also for the local textile and clean cut and sealed.
Three-dimensional bag making machine stitching at the same time also played a decorative role, cement strong waterproofing effect can be achieved, embossed clear, even with three-dimensional surface relief effects, work faster, more effective high-end beauty products; quality has guarantee.
Three-dimensional bag making machine bags mainly refers to the machine, that is non-woven bag machine, mainly environmental, but also can be used multiple times.
Divided into three-dimensional semi-automatic bag making machine bag making machine and automatic three-dimensional three-dimensional bag making machine.
Bag Making Machine-dimensional basic functions are:
1 Non-woven bags blank: the edge of laminated non-woven bags;
2 embossed non-woven bags: non-woven bags and the top edge of the lamination pattern;
3 Non-woven bags bag Lamination: Lamination bag through the sleeve automatically.

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